Scientific review of key ingredient in Eberglo for Poultry


Many users of Eberglo have reported that they are using less antibiotic treatments. Eberglo’s (liquid vitamin & mineral supplement) number one ingredient is neutralized (it is not live) Lactobacillus acidophilus (LB), which is a beneficial bacteria commonly found in the digestive tract of animals and humans. How does neutralized LB work?

Studies have shown the therapeutic antibacterial effects of both the live and neutralized Lactobacillus acidophilus (LB) culture. Several types of antibacterial action have been identified as direct actions by LB against gastrointestinal bacteria, or towards the abilities of the disease to develop and spread.

This particular class of harmful bacteria cause significant structural injuries of the cellular lining of the intestinal tract. This usually causes acute and persistent diarrhea.

Antibiotic-like activity. Secreted molecules present in Lactobacillus LB culture exert a killing activity against major dangerous gastrointestinal bacteria such as Salmonella enterica serovartyphimurium (S. typhimurium), Listeria monocytogenes, Shigella flexneri, Yersinia enterocolitica, enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, enteropathogenic E. coli and diffusely adhering E. coli (DAEC) and gastritis-associated Helicobacter pylori.

In addition, bactericidal activity of secreted molecules from LB against common bacteria associated with inflammation, tumours, and ulcers has been reported. This bactericidal activity resembles the structural changes of dying bacteria observed after antibiotic treatment. (1)

(1) Helicobacter pylori in health and disease [Cover and Blaser, 2009]

From the scientific study “A gastrointestinal anti-infectious biotherapeutic agent: the heat-treatedLactobacillus LB” - Vanessa Liévin-Le Moal, link to full article -

The health of an animal’s stomach and intestinal tract is absolutely essential to its overall health.

Eberglo at the National Poultry Show!

Eberglo was very pleased to be at the National Poultry Show, held at the Western Fair Agriplex in London, ON.  The National Poultry Show in partnership with Poultry Industry Council is the largest Poultry Show in Canada!

Bioenterprise Corporation Grant for Eberglo research


GUELPH — Bioenterprise Corporation has announced thirteen (13) recipients of innovation grants that support research-based technologies coming out of Ontario. Among those listed is Nature's Wave Inc. in Milverton. 

Nature’s Wave was awarded $50,000 to trial Eberglo supplement in egg laying operation in order to demonstrate impact of proprietary nutrient combination at a commercial scale.

The grants aim to advance commercialization of innovations, enhance competitiveness, and strengthen the leadership position of Ontario in the agriculture and agri-food sectors.

A total of $510,000 was granted, with 13 organizations receiving between $30,000 and $50,000 in funding.

The innovation grants have been awarded through the Agri-Technology Commercialization Centre’s Accelerating Innovative Research Program. The program provides support to innovators from Ontario’s universities and colleges as well as industry organizations to fill knowledge, technical, business or entrepreneurial gaps in order to accelerate adoption of new technologies by the agriculture and agri-food industries.

The funding went toward pre-approved projects with a five-month timeline that advance commercialization of technology and greatly increase the probability of attracting followup funding for further technology development and industry adoption.

“These grants are part of our commitment to increasing adoption of innovative research in Ontario,” says Dave Smardon, President and CEO of Bioenterprise. 

The program was devised, in part, because Bioenterprise recognized that extensive support is required to enable commercial adoption of innovative products or technologies once they are created. This includes support for commercialization activities such as later-stage research & development, product and process development or enhancement, prototyping, validation or demonstration, regulatory & legal strategy, and business modelling — all of which must occur in order to identify appropriate customers.

“Financial support for these activities is imperative, and is often more impactful if it is accompanied by mentorship related to business planning and network development,” adds Smardon.

The AIR Program is supported by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA).

The original article can be viewed here:  Bioenterprise Grants