Are Eberglo and Bovi-glo natural?

Yes, both products are completely natural, and free of antibiotics & hormones.  This makes these supplements ideal for organic farming operations.


Why do Nature’s Wave products work so well?

Our Specially Processed Components: 

Copper: Helps build strong bones and de nes the color of a cow by de ning natural pigments. Promotes a true sheen and glow to your animals. 

IronA critical component of hemoglobin, supports en- ergy and stamina, helps control infection and immu- nity and aids in the body’s ability to control infection and in ammation. 

Cobalt: A precursor to producing B12 vitamin, develop- ment and maintenance of nerves and nervous system which makes cattle easier to work with. Cobalt also supports liver function, improved heat cycles and conception.

Zinc: Supports white blood cell function and has an added bene t of slowing the hair greying process. Important for foot health. Helps regulate insulin levels. 

Manganese: Supports ligament and joints and minimizes prob- lems with knuckling over. 

Magnesium: Very important for heart strength and function, lessens muscle strain, reduces spasms and has a calming effect. 

Our Plant Enzymes

One of the reasons our product work so well is because of the plant enzymes it contains. These are not mold derived enzymes, nor are they industrially produced enzymes like so many manufacturers use- these are real, naturally occurring enzymes from a special formulation of barley extracts. We have identified 23 different enzymes in our product to date. 

Our Prebiotics

Our cutting edge technology enhances the natural microflora in the animal’s digestive tract.  Our liquid Lactobacillus Acidophilus is in a fermented, dormant state and that’s what makes it so unique. 

Our Water Soluble Vitamins

All our vitamins are in a special, water soluble form, which is the highest bio-available form. As far as we know, our products are the only supplements that contain these water soluble vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Pantothenic Acid, ribo avin, Folic Acid, Niacin, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, B12 and Biotin.

Our proprietary, oral formula is unlike anything available on the market today!






How does Boviglo improve animal health?

Boviglo Liquid vitamin and mineral supplement, is a scientific blend of lactobacillus acidophilus, naturally occurring plant enzymes, prebiotics, water soluble vitamins and chelated minerals, premium whey and selenium-yeast, that have been processed to add a negative charge.  This process creates a highly absorbable ion of nutrition that is attracted to the positively charged blood cells.  When it is fed to an animal either on feed, in its water, or squirted directly in the mouth, some absorption takes place in the tongue and rehydrates stressed cells in the blood.  


Boviglo creates a friendly environment in the gut to help improve the animal’s immune system, which then aids in the removal of toxins from viruses, bacteria, pollen, chemicals, or other foreign substances from feed or the environment.  


Boviglo also helps to keep the bone marrow “bank accounts” topped up and fully mineralized, thus allowing your livestock to stay calm and focused, and maximizes their genetic potential, whether producing meat, milk or breeding stock.  


Boviglo creates a healthy gut, a healthy gut creates a healthy ruminant with a beautiful shiny coat, and calm focused mind, which maximizes their performance and production.


Can Bovi-glo save me money?

Healthier cattle means lower death loss, increased gains and higher profits

Supplementing with Boviglo in farm demonstrations has shown to improve general well-being, reduce stress and strengthen immune, blood, digestive, hormonal and reproductive systems.

Beef Cattle

Calves born to mothers fed Boviglo withstand the stress of birth better and appear more alert and vigorous right after they are born.

Given orally weaning time or on arrival at the feedlot, calves exhibit a lower stress response and go back on feed and water at a quicker rate.  On farm demonstrations show that calves fed Boviglo exhibit a noticeable increase in feed conversion and improved gains.

Dairy Cattle

We’ve found in the dairy barn an increase in butter fat percentage, milk protein and a decrease in sematic cell counts. There is a noticeable increase in the visible signs when an animal is in heat streamlining the artificial insemination process, usually resulting in the female catching the first time.

All of these factors, whether in the dairy or beef herd lead to a more productive and healthier cow lifespan, reduced stress on the animal and increased producer profits.