Bovi-glo improves herd health

“I’ve been feeding Boviglo since February 2015 by putting it in the TMR mixer once a day. Their coat is brighter, their hair is shorter and they are producing better quality milk that is higher in protein and butter fat. I had two cows with a high SCC, so I gave them each an extra 20 cc of Boviglo in the mouth for about a week and saw the SCC come down from 6000 to 500 so now I’m giving my cows extra prior to calving and to the calves once they are born. I’d say the calves are healthier and grow faster. I’m milking less cows and improving their overall health and seeing less vet bills. I’ve also noticed when the cows come into heat there is a stronger, more natural heat. Before I was needling most of my cows, now that has dropped to around half. I think that by starting the heifers off right and keeping them healthy, you end up with a better cow at the end of the day and she’ll milk longer, too.”

- Marvin Weber, Hesson Holsteins, Listowel, ON