Cheron Chamberlain Joins Nature’s Wave!

Nature’s Wave is pleased to announce the appointment of Cheron Chamberlain as its Representative in Alberta, British Columbia and Montana. Her responsibilities will include assisting retail outlet managers and staff to gain a full understanding of the value of adding Boviglo to beef and dairy rations and Eberglo to poultry, swine and horse rations.  Cheron will also be calling on farmers and ranchers to explain how these products can assist their bottom line... naturally.

“Cheron brings an extensive background gained over several years directly working with agricultural producers and organizations, as well as owning and operating their family purebred cattle operation.  We are thrilled that she has joined our team to help farmers take advantage of the benefits that Boviglo and Eberglo can bring to their livestock operations.” says Ken Knox CEO of Nature’s Wave.

Nature’s Wave is a Canadian based company that packages, markets and distributes four liquid vitamin and mineral products that assist farmers with their bottom line.

Steve Zehr, Marketing Manager for Nature’s Wave adds, “Since Boviglo and Eberglo are natural products, people assume that they will be more expensive. Cheron’s role will be to give farmers the full story including the cost-benefit position so that more farmers can take advantage of these incredible products.”

Cheron Chamberlain emphasizes, “I’ve been following the product development work and I am pleased to join the Nature’s Wave team. I look forward to sharing information regarding the outstanding value of Boviglo and Eberglo to producer programs in Alberta, British Columbia and Montana.”

Cheron L. Chamberlain


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Boviglo shows positive results in beef production: AAFC Study

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MILVERTON, ON – November 14, 2017 – A nine-month feeding trial at the Lethbridge Research Centre showed that supplementing beef cattle with Boviglo increased both average daily gain (ADG) and feed conversion. The study was evaluated in two phases: backgrounding and finishing.

During the 110-day backgrounding trial, steers that received Boviglo showed a 1.11 kg/day (2.44 lb/day) ADG, compared to the control group with .99 kg/day (2.18 lb/day) ADG. Both the Boviglo and control group started the trial at 279 kg (614 lb), but the Boviglo-supplemented steers ended up at 400 kg (880 lb), 13 kg (29 lb) more than the control group.

Feed conversion was also affected by the addition of Boviglo during backgrounding. It took 7.43 lbs of feed to create 1 lb of meat in the Boviglo group versus 8.1 lbs of feed for the control group.

In the finishing trial, Boviglo also showed significant benefits in both ADG and feed conversion. Boviglo showed a 1.65 kg/day (3.63 lb/day) ADG, .07 kg/day (.15 lb/day) higher than the control group. As well, feed conversion continued to show improvement: 6.66 for Boviglo treated steers and 6.7 for the control group

WenZhu Yang, ruminant nutrition research scientist at the Agriculture and Agri-Food Centre, Lethbridge noted that the final numbers aren’t statistically significant in scientific terms, but the 11 kg (24 lb) difference in final weights between the Boviglo and control steers would be significant for cattle feeders.

Steve Zehr, Director of Sales at Nature’s Wave, commented, “This study confirms what beef producers have reported since the product became available in 2015. In a commercial setting, where there is more stress from weaning, transport and co-mingling, Boviglo can show even more impressive results.”

Zehr continued, “With more and more restaurant chains and consumers demanding meat raised without antibiotics, Boviglo also has an excellent fit for operations that are supplying those markets.”

Boviglo is an all-natural, complete liquid vitamin and trace mineral supplement that includes lactobacillius acidophilus, one of the best probiotics for ruminants. The liquid formulation ensures quick intake and absorption, to build immunity and promote gut health.

For more information on Boviglo, visit Full study is available by request. 

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Learn about the Boviglo boost.

Boviglo is currently being featured on the cover and in a great article in the Canadian Cattlemen magazine.  Learn all about the benefits of using this all natural liquid vitamin & mineral supplement for beef cattle health management for calves, heifers and bulls.

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